HIPAA Made Easy

Protect patient data, avoid costly fines, and take control of your paperwork all at the same time with Canoply Forms.

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A Better Way to Collect Patient Information

Filling out paperwork online saves time. However, typical web forms are not HIPAA compliant and leave your patient's data vulnerable. It also puts your practice at risk of costly fines.

Canoply allows you to quickly and securely add HIPAA compliant forms to any website and handles all of the security, processing, and storage of the forms.

Easy to Use

You don't need any special skills to customize your forms. You can start collecting patient data in minutes, and access patient data anywhere using our secure cloud.

Say Goodbye to Portals

Control Your Brand

You spent time, money, and effort getting patients to your site. Don't send them to a separate portal. Instead let your patients fill out forms directly on your website.

Reduce Friction

Anything that stands in the way of new patients is slowing down your business. Patients are more likely to fill out a form on your website compared to a portal.

Access Records Anywhere

Our secure cloud makes it easy to access your patient records anywhere. Just log in to see your paperwork.

Already have an EHR system in place? Download submissions and import them directly into your system without affecting your current workflow.

How It Works

For Medical Providers
For Developers

1. Build Your Forms

The form builder makes it easy to create and edit forms that match your branding using a drag and drop feature.


2. Patients Fill out Forms

Get alerts when your patients fill out a form. Customize these alerts to control what alerts you receive and how often.


3. Manage Your Documents

Use our secure cloud to view all your form submisisons on any device. Download or import into your existing system.

Get Started

1. Build Your Forms

The form builder is just the beginning. Include custom CSS and even build your own layout templates for precise control.


2. Embed The Forms

Embed the forms in your site with custom configuration options. We handle all the security and certificates.


3. Manage Your Data

Integrate patient data into your existing systems with our JSON export option, and connect with our webhooks.

Get Started

Request Early Access

Canoply is in beta and accepting applications for early users. To request access, please tell us how you would use Canoply forms.