The Vision: The vision of Apus is the teaching and preservation of shamanic dynamics and ancient shamanic wisdom traditions for the development of personal and planetary healing.
The workshops offered by Apus Shaman Healing Art, is based in the practice of years of researchs and training, focuse in a Creative, objetive and funtional activity.


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Healing Energy
Shamanic Dynamics
Emergence of the Heart

Inca Medicine Wheel Shamanic Workshops

Re-Imprinting  the Codes of Light

Archetypes and Rites Shamanic Journey

Reawaken the Power in Within


The Shamanic Journey:

This workshop addresses the concepts and knowledge about the Shamanic Journey, in wich partipants will experience throught dynamic as visualizactions, meditations, dreamwork and sacred sounds (rattleling and druming) for accesing into a non ordinary state of consciousness, so the connection with the espiritual, magical world for decoding the mysteries of life and develop a higher level of consciousness, a profound rediscovery of personal creativity and psychic power
This ancient wisdon is being used since ancient time from spiritual energy healers to restore the equilibrium in the universe.


The Connective Light Body: In this workshop participants will learn the shamanic concepts about energy healing for personal rediscovering and understanding of the self-healing process. Andean Shamanism, physics, and human biology postulate that we are all connected through a connective (bio) universe (matrix). This connection is performed through the exchange of information that translates as frequencies of light and energy.Each time we process a thought or an emotion many chemical reactions occur, and every chemical reaction emits light. The human body is, in essence, a body of light. Inca  healers in their “medicine wheel"  understand that all creation is made up of energy: people, mountains, trees, animals, rocks and plants, and that everything belongs to a circle of infinite dynamism, where energies on the universe must be recreated in according to maintain and equilibrium in the universe


The Inca Medicine Wheel is based on the ancient knowledge of natural and energy medicine to restore, regulate the balance of body, mind and soul. "Hampi" in Quechua (Inca language) means medicine, healing and means that everything in the universe is an exchange of energy (quantum postulate).But it also it represents an homeostatic balance and emotional universe, known as levels of consciousness. Teaches that man is a microcosm in constant dynamic with the macro universe working in balance "Ayni"

In medicine wheel "Hampi" it is understood and uses the ancient knowledge of energy medicine, the use of various healing therapeutic dynamics and rituals such as herbal medicine (herbs, plants and oils); Hydrotherapy (water and minerals), massage therapy (body), purification (detoxification diets) and therapeutic rituals as “extractions” and “soul retrieval” for clearing, healing and restoration of the natural flow of energy levels of physical, of the person’s emotional and spiritual aspects...more



This Program is open to students who want to learn and practice deeper levels of this powerful healing alternative, and have taken Energy Medicine Wheel. We explore deeply techniques and initiations, with plenty of time for practice.

The Advanced Shamanic Training prepares the student to begin doing healing work for others. The class will cover an advanced training where participants will focus in their innate shamanic abilities to receive spiritual power and guidance.
Amaru will teach techniques from "shamans and curanderos" on the art of healing from different regions of Peru. This is an advanced training on the understanding and knowledge of visionary shamanic work for those who desire to increase and expand their knowledge and healings skills for working with others.
Participants will meet twice a year for two years with practical assignments between meetings. The program trains students to create  and work safe, effective and powerful shaman healing ritual...









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Practicing "Ayni Despacho "

Universal Reciprocity








With: Amaru Li, Peruvian Shaman


Apus Peruvian Center Of Shamanic Studies  
Offers programs and an opportunity to continually delve deeper into shamanic knowledge, practices, experience and applications

Through the practice of ancient and contemporary shamanic techniques, the program trains students to create safe, effective and powerful shamanic healing rituals, and work towards personal and planetary evolution. The program prepares students to be initiated and work as Energy Healers...



The program will comprehend the following 4 classes:
Mesa East:  OTORONGO "The Luminous Jaguar Medicine"
Mesa South: PACHAMAMA: "The Emergent of the Feminine Power Medicine"
Meas West: QENTI: "The Rainbow Hummingbird Medicine"
Mesa North: CONDOR: "The Rising Condor Medicine"
Classes can be held using SKYPE for further information contact Amaru
At the end of each program participants will receive a certification of completion. 





SEPT 13-26 2015


with Mary Lomando & Amaru LI


Join us as in this sacred journey to Peru, land of "Sons of the Sun". We will explore this fascinating connection as we walk the streets of Cuzco, the home of the legendary "Golden Disc of the Sun", as well as, Machu Picchu, the "Lost Crystal City of the Gods".




Stone Eyes
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Babylonian Garden
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Machu Picchu 832-552-5649

Equinox (559) 338-9567


Music for the Spirit are sounds created by Amaru for using this frequencies to create an state of balance and serenety so we can emerge into the frequencies of love abundance and spiritual healing...Amaru










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