They all hugged.

Many people are skeptical.

This is the room where the author killed himself.

Elliot got worried when he learnt about the medicine's side effects.

Without knowing the original language of the holy writings, how can you rely on your interpretations about them?

I am plucking the turkey.

You thought I was talking about Kristin, didn't you?

Many people in the world are hungry.


That boy can't be very healthy, as he only eats fast foods.

What we need now is a little peace and quiet.

I want to buy a black one.

I didn't know if I was coming or going the week before I got married.

His dream is to study chemistry in the US.

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Can you help me figure it out?

Yes, I really like him.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

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He encouraged his son to do something great.

The play's over.

Agatha didn't give us any further details.

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My son has a son.

I'll determine how we proceed.

We've done nothing.


In the egg yolk, there are more proteins than in egg whites.

I'm a rookie.

Tell me everything you know about Craig.

Jean unpacked his sleeping bag.

They called British supporters Tories.

People from China play another kind of chess.

Leon was bitten by a cobra.


That's what I did today.

I think I'm not assertive enough.

The eerie silence struck terror into their hearts.


People always cut the corner at junctions.

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I just didn't believe him.


It irritates Hui when Becky leaves the cap off the toothpaste.

He bothered me for money.

Juergen's parents were disappointed that he couldn't get into Harvard.

A three-person team is undertaking a 40,000-kilometre motorcycle journey from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the southern tip of South America.

He didn't find what he was looking for.

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Nick had something to hide.

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I've been after Jacques to do that for weeks.


I hit my head and saw stars.


Lana watched Leigh for a moment.


Walt's neighbours came to America right after living in Korea.

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He is looked after by his aunt.

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"Do you think he's okay?" "I don't know."

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How's your daughter?

Steen tried to seduce his secretary.

There's the presence of an interpreter.


Why don't you give it a try?

He lost the will to carry on.

Olaf wants to know what happened.


We will finish serving our sentence next month.

She wants one.

Money cannot buy happiness.


I'd like a word with him.

He can probably have any woman he wants.

I want to kiss you.

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What did you do last evening?

I'm here with a friend.

Ken easily cleared the fence.


It's still a bad idea.

What kind of food should I be feeding my dog?

Will you get me some salt at the grocer's?

No one seems to know where Jason went.

Mold grew on the boots.


Who knows that?

These are our enemies.

You forgot to tell me a few things.

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He was angry and confused.


There's only space for ten people in the lifeboat.

I'm pretty sure Steven could do that.

This is Sanche's pet turtle. She's called Elaine.


Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

Why don't you go see them?

Reinhard was hospitalized.

I didn't tell Jason who told me that he'd stolen my saxophone.

I told them it was urgent.


I apologized to you for that.


The water is lukewarm.

We got scratched up.

Is this going to cause us any problems?

You haven't even tried.

It's good to see some things never change.

Come round the corner for coffee.

I had my purse stolen somewhere on my way home.


Donald pointed his gun at Maarten.

It's easy and fun.

But the best one was Caleb!

Bruce accidentally put Klaudia's mobile phone through the wash.

Sasha had a huge bump on his head.

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Let's keep it secret that he is ill.

David thinks he's so important. He always looks down on the other people in his office.

He deserves to be promoted.

I didn't like that game.

Here are the gifts.

What do the letters WHO stand for?

Look at that good-looking boy.


We're trying to track Sergeant down.

I refuse to be afraid.

Why did you invite us?


Who stole the apples?

Do you really want someone else to do it?

This car salesman is not honest.

We forgot to plan for that.

Since when are you wearing contacts?

How long did Pam say he'd be gone?

When will you know more?


I was thinking of getting the same kind of running shoes you have.

I'm not wearing a diamond ring, but I'm happy.

Can you possibly help me?

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Is he a friend of yours?


All our catalogues are free for the asking.

I'm sure Connie didn't know about that.

I want you to have something.

I'm going to spend the weekend in Boston.

I hope this nice weather will last.

Ramesh washed his hands and face.

My house is old and ugly.


We have to get her a present.


He met her while on holiday in Italy.

Money is of great importance in political circles.

I went to the park with Serdar yesterday.


Thank you for sending the product information asked for.


Vance knew Marcos wouldn't want to go there by herself.


I'm not sure that's all true.


It's no surprise to anyone that most pet food contains questionable ingredients.


Skef tried hard, but failed.

I'm sure that you understand me.

I took to sleeping late in the morning.

They are right.

I don't think Space knows anything.


In those days, sugar was less valuable than salt.

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I let Hans win.

I'm sending you funny videos.

Why can't you be more like that?

I accept you for who you are.

I had a cerebral contusion.

Jeannie finally had to retire.

Every liberation bears within itself the danger of a new kind of servitude.

Norma was not born blind.

If you have no character to lose, people will have no faith in you.

You can't get out that way.

Kemal was a champion long-distance swimmer.


The rescue workers arrived two hours too late.

When I ask him to pay me back, he turns a deaf ear.

The attack was shown on video.

I would like to see Jwahar.

You're here awfully early today.

Ranjit is in a stable condition.

Ann must be busy.


It just happened.

None of us can speak French.

Delbert thought that was amusing.