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Who We Are

Peak 10 Technologies provides full-service product, program, and project management services. Peak 10 can help you deliver on your product and project initiatives.


Product Development

Peak 10 can help you through all of the product development phases from exploration, requirements, prototype, and go-to-market.

Product Management

Peak 10 can provide help with all product management activities including market and competitor research, feature set definition, and road mapping.

Project and Program Management

Peak 10 provides full project and program management and support for any size of project for both large and small teams.

Technology Consulting

Technology is ever changing and Peak 10 can help you understand the technology landscape and the best technology adoption strategy.


Peak 10 Technologies is run by Walker Bolger who has 10 years experience in product, program, and project management. Peak 10 specializes on helping customers reach their full potential with their products and services. If you need help bringing an idea from concept to production, expanding your products and services, or just running your projects, Peak 10 Technologies can help today.


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