VOLO Village

What is VOLO Village

VOLO Village is a service that provides HOA's, communities, and condominiums easy access to the communication tools that are necessary to keep residents and homeowners connected and informed.

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Still using these?

How do you communicate important information to residents & owners? Does it feel like you're using tin can telephones sometimes?

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Send messages from any device anywhere

Communicate important messages to residents and owners using any device, no matter where you happen to be. All with the tap of a button. VOLO Village has you covered.

Hurry up and wait!

Unlike mail, VOLO Village lets you send unlimited messages instantaneously, and VOLO Village costs less than the price of a single stamp!


residents & owners instantly receive important messages

keep community business private

Do you really want to share the news about neighborhood crime with your 1 billion friends?


Send Targeted Messages Directly to Residents & Owners

VOLO Village lets you send private messages directly to residents & owners. Messages can be targeted to an individual, a neighborhood, or the entire community!

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Let residents choose how they receive messages

voice message

instantly send recorded voice message to residents and owners!

email message

send email message in plain-text or HTML. You can even include attachments!

text message

send text messages to select residents and owners, or to the entire community!

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"it's easy"

residents love how easy it is to manage and maintain their contact preferences.

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VOLO Village keeps your community safe!

Information travels fast with VOLO Village. Get the word out about burglars, vandals, suspicious people, and activities. Get ahead of the crime!

Endorsed by Police Departments across the country

about us


Since its founding in 2007, VOLO has become the premier provider of SaaS communications, monitoring, alerting, and storage applications for business. VOLO's reach extends globally - working with clients from the Fortune 100 and the United States Military, to businesses, health care facilities, and communities in almost every U.S. city.


VOLO Village is a cloud-based communications suite designed specifically for private resident notification and alerting. Private communities across the globe trust and use Village everyday to deliver time-sensitive and urgent alert messages via voice, text, screen pop, and e-mail - directly to homeowners and residents via a variety of personal devices.

"VOLO" takes its name from the Latin word for "Speed or to move rapidly".


VOLO & VOLO Village™ are trademarks of VOLO, LCC. Copyright© 2014 VOLO, LLC. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy


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