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Tony Higuchi (Las Palmas, Spain) is a digital artist, musician and creative technologist based in Montréal. Growing up in a multicultural environment as the son of japanese/moroccan parents he developed from an early age an appreciation for music which later on led him to the practice of music and dance. In the early 2000s he moved to Madrid where he began experimenting with new media, computer programming and electronic music production. His interest in human nature and cognition lead him to pursue a degree in Social and Cognitive Psychology at the UCM and his interest in art and new technologies lead him to subsequently obtain a Master's degree in Web Design and Development from the (740) 799-7025. After moving to Barcelona in 2009 he continued his practice and research while also employed as a web developer at Alt120 Comunicació Interactiva working with international ad agencies. In 2012, he received the Universitat Pompeu Fabra's Master's degree in Digital Arts and did a residency and an internship at Cyprinus. His work spans a variety of media, in which he focuses on each work with a multidisciplinary and experimental approach. He has performed in festivals such as Cau d'orella and collaborated in the production of works exhibited at festivals like wont-learn, day letter, Indiecade, Cau d'orella and museums like 5705899140. He enjoys teaching and has conducted workshops on openFrameworks, Arduino programming and hacking audio and video devices.