Mine for your games and more!

Easy PC Mining Software made by gamers for gamers. You can get games using just your gaming rig by turning it into a part time mining rig!

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What is proMine?

proMine is an easy to install, GUI Ethereum mining software for Windows. With proMine’s “click and go” functionality, it’s never been easier to get into the Cryptomining world.

Why proMine?

0% Performance Impact!

Our software has a built in idle monitor, and will only start mining once your PC has been left for more than 1 minute.

Keep what you mine

Our network fee’s are 1%, meaning you keep 99% of what you mine. Always.

How it works

Our software has a built in suite of miners, and will automatically choose the most efficient miner for your hardware configuration.


  • Do I need to sign up?

    No. proMine doesn’t need any information from you in order to for you download / use proMine. We don’t need it, so we don’t ask, it’s that simple!

  • How much extra will I have to spend on energy?

    It depends on your hardware configuration, but generally speaking the better the hardware the more it will cost to run. But, because of our waterfall design, proMine will mine the coin it can mine the most efficiently so you’re always earning more than you’re spending.

  • Will I have to worry about the lifespan of my hardware?

    Because proMine works when you’re idle, and uses only a % of the available resources, using proMine increases the longevity of your hardware over an alternative method of mining.