Amarth's mother took a liking to Page the moment she met him.

He was very insistent.


He always had a giggle.


You should think about your future.

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I'm hungry. How about you?

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What are you all doing?

We are about to leave here.

You have a dog, don't you?


There's nothing wrong with renting.

There is a shared knowledge.

The gate is closed at eight.

She went on to become his wife.

I want to travel around the world.

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You're the best candidate for this job.

This is our only chance.

We're able dancers.


Give me a piece of paper to write on!

We think nuclear weapons will destroy our earth.

I was going to do it anyway.

I want you to meet my new friend, Kamiya.

I'm just telling you what I heard.

He arrived very early this morning.

You're way too drunk.

Bobby may have lost his way.

You'd better take your umbrella, just in case it rains.

Did you hear the announcement?

They are going to launch an artificial satellite tomorrow.


Do you still need our help?


Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.

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Finally, we got to the Mississippi.


Her dream is to become a nurse.

Urs seemed lost in thought.

Please provide contact details.


I think it's absolutely fine.


What changes the world is communication, not information.

Maureen had to wait for a long time.

The soul of such a man is likely as tender as silk.

Bryce is wearing John's T-shirt.

What does Rik really think of me?

I am sorry if my words hurt you.

Sanche is married with three children.

Have I the pleasure of addressing Mr. Scrooge, or Mr. Marley?

Mikael was lucky that he didn't get hurt more than he did.


She repeated her name slowly.

He who says big, does a little.

I still have my dignity.

How am I close to you?

I already put it in my bag!

The driver overtook the car.

We have a similar predicament.

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I thank you for your willingness.

He wrote letters and read before going to sleep again.

What does Griff want?

Would you mind turning down the radio?

I can't help you any further.

This is above reason.

I do want to know what you found out.

Now I live with my uncle.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

It will cool down tonight.

As far as I know, he has never come on time.


This is what they have in common with other peoples.

I thought it was pretty scary.

My dog often lies on the grass.

Len walked back to his seat and sat down.

Shane is learning English.

I would like to request a short recess.

I know Phiroze has never done that.

Your innocent look doesn't fool me.

Sonny came back again.


He knows well how to use a computer.


There is no point arguing about the matter.

I really don't have anything else to say.

That's still up for discussion.


I'll go to the store after I eat.


Julianto didn't know he was going to die before he was thirty.

Generally, men are taller than women.

Let's make a new playlist.

Don't you miss Hazel?

Go and take food to Marc.

There is no solution.

At night all cats are grey.

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I haven't finished my work.

Am I a prisoner?

You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn.

I avoid traveling by air, if I can help it.

Whose idea was it to fire me?

Do you think Steve knew I was here?

It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.


The picture is presumed to have been painted by Picasso.

Milner thought Jonathan wouldn't want to buy such a small car.

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

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You're very stylish.


This city is located in France.


Ahmet restrained himself.

I watch TV now and then.

Elias and Sriram went on an African safari.

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?

The women went to the celebration dressed to the nines.

How many symphonies did Beethoven compose?

I'm going to call them later.

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We're freezing.

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The cutlery has disappeared.

You should not talk back like that.

I didn't know you couldn't sing.


What do the stage directions suggest?

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I regret not having paid more attention to what the teacher said.

Why do you think that?

Did you brush your teeth?

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I think I know what's wrong.

I want to have this letter registered.

You are not allowed to turn left on this street.

What did both of you do?

She soon adjusted herself to the new school.

Are you and Bjorne getting back together?

I'm about as qualified as Carole.

It doesn't sound natural.

It'll soon be the rainy season.

He has a face only a mother could love.

I want to impress everyone.

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His father doesn't play golf.

She has no manners.

How can we stop them?


What brings you back to Boston?

When he came to he found himself lying in a small, windowless cell.

She sat next him with her eyes closed.

Can you get these spots out of my pants?

A sentence can state something false while at the same time be grammatically correct.


She was impressed.

Gideon asked if Allen was home.

I don't think he has anything to do with the matter.

She signs the most important documents.

Thousands of spectators got very excited.

Is anybody listening?

Since when do you care about rules?

Shamim came at me with a knife in his hand.

Several of my friends have been to Japan this year.

The phone is ringing!

Is that Wall Street jargon?

Can I ask him something?

"Dance with me." "I thought you'd never ask."

Heimat is a German word with no English equivalent.

I've thought a lot about what you said.


I'm bushed.

Where can I take you?

Keep Jill entertained.


He absented himself from the meeting.

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We should do this every day.


Let us help ourselves.

Arlene is on the list.

A spell of fine weather enabled us to get the harvest in safely.

Norm asked the man at the front desk where he could get his suit pressed.

I wrote to my French teacher in French.

I take that back.

Let's hope Norm finds something.


I'm free anytime.

No one welcomes war.

We need to talk, honey.

Galileo argued that the earth moves.

Who were the culprits?


The judge banged his gavel.