Why not just say no to her?

He was obviously drunk.

Kamiya looks a bit queasy.

Her hair is dry.

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If I want your opinion I'll ask you for it.


I want to know how Roxane died.

It's a catch.

I had to work last weekend.

No one was arrested.

"I'm undercooked," said the food.

You won't believe who I just saw.

It's dangerous to lean out of the window.

Well, why dost thou say nothing, but stand there as if thou wast dumb?

Why don't you just stay put for now?

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I suppose you know where Jennifer is.

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After almost a month I still remember the word.

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We've got to tell Pat.

I did everything I could to be your friend.

He was absorbed in reading when I visited him.


I'm sick of eating out every night.

Miami is the biggest city in Florida.

Is it okay if I go for a walk?


You're too humble.

It's just so frustrating to try to do this with my arm in a cast.

Get an egg from the refrigerator.

Can you imagine Rakhal working in a garage?

I'm not stupid enough to fall for that.

I chickened out.

It looks like rain today.

She's young, maybe too young.

I really liked what you said earlier.

Frederick has trouble talking to beautiful women.

I waited for her.

The only way is up.

Where can I find her?

The party's Tuesday.

You know Tuna is lying.

Gregory heard that Granville had caught a cold.

You'll ask him, won't you?


What's your favorite Disney movie?


I have to see Spudboy at 2:30.


The quality of a painter depends on the amount of past he carries with him.


Heinrich and Janet should be very happy together.

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to give you a fine.

They searched for the girl.


She feared for her life.

Are you three good friends?

I think you should wait.

He teaches English grammar at a high school.

Do you want to help me or not?

You, too, should have seen that movie.

I'm trying to find out how it happened.

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If they don't have bread, let them eat cake.

Are you willing to risk that?

She did what she believed was right.

I don't know what he's talking about.

She helped me in every way.

You might not want to buy that much sugar.

You can't even taste the difference.

That is a very good question.

You know what, Tolerant, you're right.

Bryce picked up his fork and began to eat.

We didn't wait for them.

It's windy today.

That's the biggest strawberry I've ever seen.

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He recently had the bad luck to incur his boss' wrath and got sent out to work in the boondocks.

It seems to me that she knows everything.

I can't make them do anything.


Rakhal started driving.


I prefer apples to all the other fruits.

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Dorian bought himself a new sports car.


I really wasn't paying attention.

Sirius is one of the 27 stars on the flag of Brazil.

All of a sudden, a dog began barking.

What is the tallest mountain in Europe?

I couldn't understand a word William said.

You'll get into trouble.

He said that he takes a walk every morning.

I don't want him to see that.

Sharada began to turn the pages more quickly.


Did you know that the proper EMT response to a prolapsed uterus is to make a gloved fist and shove the uterus and your fist itself up the vagina? Also, once you've done that, you're stuck in that position until you get to the hospital!

The streets are covered with snow.

Why is he hiding?


You are sitting between Meg and me.

We weren't talking about you.

It's 99.9% effective.

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Currently, the industry is a good example of an area of depression.

You won't get an argument from me.

Mari has been to Hungary.

He is too tired to work.

I'm not very well.

Her father could swim well when he was young.

Don't get drunk.

Are you guys armed?

Many students made the same mistake.

Enjoy the weekend.

The Supreme Court attacks school segregation.

I haven't got rid of my cold yet.

Bruce and Jeannie stared at each other angrily.

Was that you who told him the secret?

Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.

They're having extreme money problems.

These are evidences of an ancient missing culture.

Maybe that's what Shannon would do, but I wouldn't do that.

At this moment, all his past life seemed to flash across his mind.

This is deeply unfair.

He's a casanova.

He is always annoying me with his complaints.

Don't let Hume fool you.

Can we at least sit down?

Takao wants to quit.

That's very touching.

London is different from Tokyo climatically.


Let's risk it.


Nothing ever changes.


We will give her a present on her birthday.

You're not saying very much.

There was a sprinkling of foreigners among the visitors in the museum.

We'll be there shortly.

Anybody knows it.


I found out when we're supposed to arrive.

The reporter covered the gas explosion in Shibuya.

Do you remember the day when you and I first met?

I know I'm in the way.

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.


Children are prohibited from smoking.


This water can be drunk without risk.

Tatoeba: Where nothing ruins a passionate night of sentence-making like a poorly placed comma or, even worse, a careless typo.

My shift's almost done.

Mott had a hip replacement surgery.

The government has been emboldened by the lack of response from the international community.


These tortilla chips are stale.

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My computer is my best friend.

A man can know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Don't go against the rules.


Are we really safer?

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Why don't you just tell me what's on your mind?


Do you want me to fix your broken shovel or don't you?


I am acquainted with the custom.


Ask her to give us some money.

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I have to help Darryl do that.

Can you get us out of this?

He didn't notice the change, but I did.

The recession is over.

Lynne doesn't have long to live.


June has a distant relationship with his father.

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I love blackberries.

He's out taking a walk.

Where's my bike?

We are cutting the wood.

Nanda hit the green.


Glen has a way with kids.

The boat hugged the shore.

I don't mind doing that for you.

Parents love their children however naughty they are.

It's open year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It was a big help for me.

Things are clearer in the morning than in the evening.

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I have nowhere to sleep tonight.

You're too young to retire.

Do you want us to leave the room?