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Things That Have Been Added – February

Since it is nearing the end of February, here is a post about a couple things that I have done to the site this month and will be continuing to work on until the end of the month. For starters, I have learned how to change the theme of the site and add new content such as posts and new pages, which will be coming soon! I changed the name of the site that everyone see’s upon the page loading to a title that includes my name. There will be changes to the appearance of the site coming in the near future and new pages will be added for more content about the site and about me!

This is the first month of me actually working on this site so not too much new content has been added but this will change with time and more practice. Thank you for checking in and viewing my site!

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my WordPress site where I will be learning the in’s and out’s of customizing my very own site. I am doing this for my E-Commerce course and we are updating our very own web pages every week by learning different aspects of the admin page and various plugins. I am looking forward to what this class has to offer and to be able to see how my webpage will grow and continue to update into a full fledged working site and will hopefully lead to me being able to manage one of my own.

Every so often, feel free to stop by and see what is new on my page! It might not be the most impressive looking WordPress you happened to stumble upon but this is just the beginning. I will continue to work hard to make this site more user friendly and more visually appealing as much as I can depending on how much we will be taught on the subject. Thanks for stopping by!