There are many stores in this area.

Her name was often on his lips.

Sitting all day is bad for you.

A leading specialist was brought in to authenticate the painting.

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With first base open, he walked the batter.

Their job is to advise the president.

I'm feeling better now, but I sure felt bad this morning.

I've played golf with Timothy many times.

Resignation is the first lesson of life.

He has bought a banana case.

It was a beautiful sight.

Please free the captured birds.

That he did such a terrible thing is certain.


The question remains unresolved.

He took us back in his car.

The rooms are heated only when they are used.

It really is the height of comfort!

I shall be learning to like this bitter life.

The kerfuffle at the post office put her out of sorts for the rest of the afternoon.

Being very tired, I went to bed early.


Place the words in the appropriate order to make sentences.

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Elsa couldn't find his contact lens.


How was New York?

Maybe I missed something.

I'm a big fan of Donovan.

We should probably not tell Jeannie yet about the accident.

Anna doesn't pay attention to details.

People are complicated.

This is the problem.

Few boys are dainty about their food.

I wiped the dirt off my pants.

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He is terrified of the dark.

I won't answer that.

How many of these did you buy?


We shouldn't be seen together.

Louis makes more money than all of the rest of us combined.

What we really want is some more time.

I must convince her.

I'm studying in the library.


We will be landing at Tokyo International Airport momentarily.

Call if you need anything.

Where's Lori's file?


A homeless man and a three-year-old boy argued for an hour about whether or not Batman has superpowers, which he does not.

The cost of living is very high in Tokyo.

I'm tough.

Is this what Shirley wants?

What do you think you need?

I take a walk at six in the evening.

It's a strange matter.

He made ten mistakes in as many pages.

Ernest is ugly, but he's really nice.

Many wild animals are in peril of their lives.

Grandpa fell down the stairs and got a serious injury.

Will you get me off the hook this time?

Which is mine?

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I can't pick Conrad up from school.

Pria was invariably wrong.

Get off my property now.

Are you almost ready?

I always cry when we say goodbye.


After he had graduated from the university, he taught English for two years.

Algeria is a very important partner country for the European Union.

We lost almost everything.


Eli! Myron! Turkeer!

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Anton and Jamie are circulating the photos on the Internet.

I am adding examples to Tatoeba.

You aren't afraid of dying, are you?

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That's not what that was.

You know what we need, don't you?

You've acted foolishly and you will pay for it.

It's not gonna be fine!

Can I get your name and address?

I haven't let anyone else see this yet.

Do your homework now.

She tried to dissuade him from participating in the project.

I was what you are; you'll be what I am.


Ernest never falls.

The letter was written by Bill.

If Serdar's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Louie and Leung might still be together.

She put her head out of the window.

He has a habit of keeping the door open.

I want to keep them with me.

Would you like a little?

I was quoting her.

I have never seen anyone like her.

We bought it in Boston.

Our town has only one traffic light.


Don't you know what this is?

Let me congratulate you on your marriage.

Everybody seems to be confused.

The sight was too miserable to look at.

Lonhyn is incredible.

Let me get my wallet.

They stayed one more day together.

The settlers learned that the land in the valley was fertile.

And below, the princess saw an immense city shone with millions lights. The three travellers descended there, unseen by anyone.

He lives from hand to mouth without saving a penny.

My mother objected to my traveling alone.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Safety is not guaranteed.

Britain was not geared up for war then.

Mayo has tested positive for marijuana.

The capybara is the world's largest rodent.

We all loved him.

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I didn't want to worry him.

I saw my name on the list.

Dammit, that pest Nagisa, she really went and snitched on me to the teachers.

That's really bad news.

I'm a little bit hungry.

I think Carlos might be in Boston right now.

I'll call you up this evening.


The propeller acts like a rotating wing creating a lift force by moving through the air.

Professor Naruhodo's lecture was re-broadcast.

You have to study French harder.

Japan was the world's largest donor of ODA in 1991.

Without the error, our team could have won the game.

That requires the sanction of the government.

There are none so deaf as those who won't hear.

Julian doesn't tend to get emotional.

I can speak English a little.


Being happy always reminded her of her loss.

He was persuaded to be more sensible.

I'd like a coat with the wooly side in, please.

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Menopause is when a woman's menstrual cycle stops.

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Why didn't someone help me?

An hour's drive brought us to the airport.

Terrence isn't really sick; she's only putting it on.


Do I wanna know?


You think of the world too romantically.

Do you like eating fish?

Kayvan has a son also named Marsha.


Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents.

It's a tourist area.

Even a clock that is stopped shows the correct time twice a day.

Sometimes I wonder when the first world championship in cyberbullying will take place.

The screen is giving off green light.


When I can get through my exams, I will take a long vacation.

He got me wrong.

You should let Samir help you.

You're foolish to think you can defy me.

What does this report cover?

We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

I can't be certain.


Who could've predicted this?

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I'm just trying to figure out how to do this.


Has Kate ever told you that he loves you?

His health situation worries me.

I hope the police catch whoever did this.


They don't despise you.


This makes good human relations.

You have my deepest apologies.

Prepare to evacuate.

I've always hated Anton.

We all love him.

Terrence is going.

Please replace the empty ink cartridge in the printer.

Yvonne just needs a little rest.

Kusum knows the way.

And they would play hide and go seek.

The forensic technician found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

All you need to do is listen carefully.

His eyes are dim with age.

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The shirt that I've just bought is very nice.

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We went to Boston together.

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Please allow me to carry your bag.

Tovah is a bit shorter than Kanthan.

Where are the meters?