It's not that I want to have a girlfriend, I just want to be in love.

I broke my leg while skiing.


I would like to thank you for your great job.


Our company's first priority is meeting our customers' needs.

She was radiant with love.

The color red is beautiful, but it can't beat blue.

I'll keep it with me.

I'd better ask Malloy and see what he thinks.

I thought he was going to kill me.

She is unable to withstand the pressure.

A distinct idea is defined as one which contains nothing which is not clear.

Kindly clear the table after your meal.

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He passes for a college student.

Let's see each other again. Just not now, however.

Not long ago we heard a father say in the presence of his large family, "I don't want any of my boys to be lawyers."

Stephen has been working here more than three years.

Shean is scared to death.

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I like folk songs.


He's a man of importance.


How did Root get out of prison?

I would like to have breakfast.

Just for the record, I totally disagree with this decision.

You need to have a stool examination.

Why are we more afraid of things invisible?


He was reminded to pay his taxes.

The eggs were graded according to weight and size.

The community scheme has run up against local opposition.

I can hardly hold my own against his daring.

Devon would just like to talk.

Please introduce me to them.

Men aren't all that different from women.

The sky was red.

Our minister is a vegetarian and an atheist.

She always takes good care of her old father.

Let's return when the frog croaks.


Please put it aside for me.

In the 1960's, Japanese college students demonstrated against their government.

Chet does like jazz, doesn't he?


She is one of the best ballerinas in the world.

Is Christian still staying with you?

There's so much I want to say to you.

Let's take a closer look.

I liked what you said at the meeting.

Roy abandoned them.

The murderer will soon confess his crime.

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In winter, the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier.

He had to commit crime because he was starving.

How many close friends do you have?

Mosur got a letter from Father Christmas.

He's a little goody two-shoes.

I can't understand Dalton.

This is too easy for Axel.

Klaudia means exactly the opposite of what he's saying.

I have a student visa.

Once in a while, I visit the theater.

Since he was tired, he turned in earlier than usual.

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Ram lit three candles.


Cathy is dying to see you.

I do hope we don't lose.

He was too tired to walk any further.


Christina crouched beside Neville.


We have been waiting for an hour and the snake has barely moved.

This can hold about 4 gallons.

Is there anything else you want to ask?


Tad had no intention of saying anything.

A man is never so on trial as in the moment of excessive good fortune.

Don't you know that he passed away two years ago?

My job is strangling rats.

I think I'll be able to stand that.

John had a novel idea.

I'm desperate.

The door was suddenly opened by Mike.

He was absorbed in a computer game.

He wore a pullover sweater to keep from getting cold.

Chill out, Sandra.

I hate being stupid.

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.

As far as I know, she's not yet married.

What can hunger strikes achieve?

I accommodated him with money.

For you, against myself I'll vow debate, for I must ne'er love him whom you do hate.

2016 is the year of the monkey.

He wants to explore the uninhabited island.

Marian commutes to school by bicycle.

He put his hand to his forehead.

Have you also got a few clean cups?

I'm glad someone told me what needed to be done.

A tear ran down from that eye.

I'm not interested in your theories!

The police arrested four men.

You can crash on the sofa if you're tired.


Jimmy seems perplexed.

The bugler played taps as the tricolour was lowered at sunset.

She has very good manners.

No one except Doug knows what really happened.

Don't sing along.

Tell them when you're ready.

He suffers from poor blood circulation to his legs.

It's never too late... Monolingualism is easy to cure!

His name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it.

They convinced me.

Have I kept you waiting long?

Does it have any sense?

Ben is the tallest boy in our class.

What can we learn from a dog? On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

Vinod is alive!


I didn't know that Dion smoked.

He crawled out of bed.

Don't make this decision today.

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I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

Mario spent all night worrying about what might happen.

As for physical exercise, although I loathe most sports (I think they're really boring), I do like going to the gym to lift weights.

I remember hearing about him.

Did you accept his invitation?


We are only people, not gods.

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Nobody talks about her.

His bad behavior is a reflection on his common sense.

In America, scores of free agents switch teams every year.

Juri actually was the one who wrote the letter.

The student majors in philosophy.

He is close to the president.

There seems to be a large number of people in Japan with high blood pressure.

Institutionalised racism is a significant problem within the police force.

Samuel talks about Boston a lot.

I met nice people.

You're not in bed yet?


No, that is not normal.

I got terrible grades this term.

I like mysteries.


The bells chimed as the couple left the church.

Is Troy really going to Boston by himself?

I can't do that to them.

Whichever way you go, you can get to the station.

I'll pay for it.


How did Carisa die?


I have nowhere to go.


These windows aren't clean.


He was making his way through the crowd.

Thanks for that.

Do you know his birthplace?

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Only individuals with an aberrant temperament can in the long run retain their self-esteem in the face of the disesteem of their fellows.


We need another day to finish this job.

I argued her out of going skiing.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that I just want to be left alone?

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Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.

You didn't read the contract carefully, did you?

It always happens the same way.

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Spyros didn't stay in Boston very long.

Since Joshua had a little free time, he took a nap.

I was deceived by a person who I had thought was a friend of mine.

Don't speak ill of others while they are away.

While laughing is allowed, it is most dishonest to laugh out loud or to extend one's laughter beyond the limits of a just moderation; the Holy Ghost teaches us that it is the character of a madman to raise one's voice while laughing.

How much don't they know?

He came here again.

Is it anything like mine?

She is changing her colours once again.

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I think it dangerous for you to cross the river.

We value your suggestions.

I do not speak to him about this thing.


We're not so different after all.

I just moved in.

Daniel has no intention of going there by himself.


Surya and Tony are much stronger than we are.

I'm looking forward to your visit.

Sergio will know about this soon enough.

The car was stuck in the mud.

He never had success with women.