Smart Eyes

Bringing AI to to the visually impaired.
In Development


Point the camera in front of you, and the app will identify the object or environment


The text-to-speach sounds like a real person


Choose from a male or female voice.
Select a Reporting Interval from 2s to 30s


Google Vision

Using powerful machine learning, Google Vision analyzes the contents of an image with great accuracy.

Integrated Text Analysis

Along with identifying objects within an image, SmartEyes can read printed text using OCR.

Battery Friendly

Screen can be dimmed or turned off when app is in use, and minimal computing occurs on the device.

Free From Clutter

Simply click a button to allow SmartEyes to start analyzing images. No complex menus. No Advertisements.

How it works


Start the App

SmartEyes will begin taking photos on a user defined interval (2-30 seconds)


Upload to Cloud

An image is automatically uploaded to the cloud to be analyzed by Google Vision



Google Vision analysis the image through their machine learning, and tags the image


Text to Speech

The contents of the image are stated with iSpeech


Ewin Zuo

Researcher at the University of Texas - RGV
CS department.
Blockchain Developer