Joubert lost 30 kilograms.

Dan, a mafia boss, sheltered all of his money in Switzerland.

This is the hospital where Carole was born.

I filled in my name on the form.

It snowed all day yesterday.

Please feel free to have a second helping.

May I ask a few more questions about that point? It's a little obscure.

Don't you think it's still a little too early to talk to Jordan about this?

Confrontations with tradesmen cause stressful situations.

I don't understand this obsession of yours.

All Adam did was eat.

The only time printers don't work is when you need them to.

We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits.

Briggs seems quite happy, doesn't he?

I usually have breakfast at seven.

Milner questioned Nancy.

Plants need to be in a well-lit place to undergo photosynthesis.

This is not easy at all.

You've made that clear.

His story moved her to tears.

With an area of seventy-five hectares, our botanic garden encompasses about four thousand plant species.

His biggest dream is being able to speak like a native speaker.


Puffy AmiYumi is a Japanese rock band.

How many steps does this staircase have?

I'm sure no one here stole your wallet.


In September the grapes are ripe.


Noemi doesn't want you to discover the truth.


You seem so relaxed.


I don't care if you come or not.

I was thinking about going to a movie. Do you want to go with me?

Are you still mad at them?

Next, I'd like to sing a song I wrote.

She'll rip my head off.


Few people can buy such an expensive car.


It's important to help victims of fate.


Why don't I just go ask them?

Get out of my sight!

To be quiet in class is to respect other people's sleep.


They controlled a fifth part of the territory.

A golden key opens all doors.

Jitendra doesn't like to eat fish.

I think that you're wrong.

You may go or stay at will.

Does it bother you that I'm much older than you are?

There was nothing left in the fridge.

I swear to you I didn't kill Helge.

This is a small town.


She had a strange look on her face.

Nick can speak Portuguese very well. That's because he's been studying it for 5 years.

We agreed that all the kids would stay together.


Her voice began to rise as she spoke.

Father, I wish to confess.

Write your name at the bottom of the paper.

Brooke was rummaging through some of his stuff when Neville walked into the room.

We just ate dinner.

Miltos is going on thirty.

His behaviour was bad.

We want Mann to say yes.

Why would somebody want to live there?

I'm a good guesser.

I miss Paris so much.

I called them today.

Do you know how to do first aid?

He hasn't studied abroad for nothing.

He took revenge.

Will there be any food at the party?

Johnathan looked around to see if anyone was watching.

The person on the left ruins the balance of the picture.

Do it or die!

Why did Narendra want two copies?

What are the possible side effects?

Roosevelt and Willkie discussed the situation.

She sat in a chair reading a magazine.

The Alcatraz prison was closed in 1963.

Edward didn't let me answer Mario's question.

Do we see reality as it really is?

We're so glad to have you here.

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

You must be careful when talking to a European.

Today is Friday, and I've done what I do almost every Friday.

George W. Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted.

Add water and stir to a paste.

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.

The door needs another coat of paint.

They don't do it.

I spent fifty dollars to get my dog neutered.

She'll carry you.

Does it take too long to blow dry?

Jane will get straight A's.

We'll see to it.

It is still difficult for me to talk about abstract topics such as the economy or philosophy, because those are not very familiar words for me.

It is he who is to blame.

Instead of going himself, he sent his brother in his place.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

Why did you leave your job?

Drink water from a stream.

We're getting nowhere with these problems.

How much of a return did you get on your investment?

I usually go on foot.

I remember the warmth of his arms.

We want more money.

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Many had lost their arms or legs.

Why are people so careless?

This ticket is paper.


Jerry put his hand up.


I just want to say how thankful I am for all your help.

Would you kindly calm him down?

You can do a lot better than that.


What movie did Farouk want to see?

She liked him right from the beginning.

I will wait for you before school starts.

We have to figure out why the machine isn't working properly.

We've been close friends for many years.


The Battle of North Africa was over.

People usually die if you kill them.

The Bible tells us that we should love our neighbors.

The new student became friends with Ken.

My husband lied to me.


That doesn't sound like her.

Not all of us who have dyslexia mixed up "d" and "b" when we were little.

I see a stone.

I'll be in my quarters.

A device implanted in the spinal cord, dubbed the Orgasmotron, allows female patients to experience orgasm with the flick of a remote control.


It's not going to happen anytime soon.

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We've discussed this already.

She'll get better. She always does.

I told you I don't know anything.

Physically impossible.

I don't suppose you're going to let me do what I want to do.

You shouldn't talk to him.

Sarah is still sleepy.

The patient moved his lips slightly.

I'll give him the letter.


This species holds the record for long-distance migration.

I am glad to be with you.

Iridium is one of the rarest elements.

She sat there in silence.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

I can teach you how to steal.

I'm meeting a friend of mine at the store.

The lonely patient derives pleasure from sewing.

This is a product of our own creative activity.

I was surprised by his resignation.

"Jeffery knows." "He does? Did you tell him?" "No, he found out by himself."

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The passive man seldom, if ever, expresses himself.


Have they found her yet?

Vincent left after breakfast.

Look! They are leaving the house.


Rajendra is exercising.

I also like perfume tea.

Does someone have the exact time, please?

I'd rather not answer that question.

Lorraine is always doing that.


Which one of you is Amigo?

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She gets up at seven in the morning.

You can't go inside a lost temple without your hat and whip!

Let me take care of that for you.

He said that he was busy then, but that he would be free the next day.

Never mind the bottle, as long as we get drunk.

Tell Elwood when you're ready.

Besides being a doctor, he was a very famous novelist.


His study faces the park.


I'm the one who saved you.

Do you feel sorry for Sedat?

He left early.

Go to the barber's to have your hair cut.

Anton is just being diplomatic, isn't he?

I don't like movies.

Don't speak for me.

Have you ever considered it?

When I got out of jail, I wanted to patch up things with my wife.

This man is a police officer in the crime squad, not a criminal.

I'm not allowed to help you.