I didn't have anything to do.

Do I need to be at the meeting on Monday?

Skip is lying about that.

Tell me the correct answer.


Horst was exactly twelve minutes late.


Travis wrote something on the dirty window.

I'm tired of work, I want to have lunch.

Straka honked the car's horn several times.

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Could you speak more slowly, please?

Your second button is coming off.

I will always be there for you.


Who were they looking for?

When did you take this picture?

It's his first time.

Dale watched TV while he ate dinner.

We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

Do you have to do that right now?

I'm glad you convinced me not to leave.

I'm just going to answer the call of nature.

I recommend learning about edible plants that are native to your area.


They closed the shop.

I've been living here for a long time.

The play was a lot of fun.

He changed his job.

I would be bored if I had to count to five hundred twenty-four thousand three hundred seventy-two.

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Give variety to your meals.

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It's getting light. Morning is coming.

Tell me about your holiday plans.

Don't interfere with him if you want him to like you.


I gave my sister a pearl necklace on her birthday.

Thierry won't succeed.

This car looks like mine.


I don't need crutches anymore.

The animals were busy collecting nuts.

The church clock gains three minutes a week.

It was tremendous.

I'll bring it to you.

We want to do it now.

Is Jarl paying attention?

Do it when you have time.

Hunting game is forbidden in these tranquil woods.

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Hughes can't help move the piano because he has a bad back.

I want to remember this beautiful poem.

He stiffed me for fifty bucks.

Nancy was surprised that Bob won the first prize in the contest.

I killed him in a fit of rage - it wasn't premeditated.

I work every day except on Sunday.

They say that he is very rich.


Do you have any apple pie today?


Ram passed away three years ago.

We've run out of water.

Laurent is good with his hands and has built many interesting things.


Could you tell me how to get to your office?

How do I know you're not lying to me right now?

We got the tree up.

I want you home now.

The rain made me late.


This scenery is magnificent.


You must take your passport to the bank.

The maximum speed reached by the vehicle was 5 kilometers per hour.

I want you to tell Harv that you'll try to get along with him.

No one is listening to you.

I need more details.

Things changed after that.

Luis shoved Maria out the door.

I think I'll get myself another drink.

I'm game for anything.

Tait told me not to say anything to you.

Willie faced the media scrum.

Ramesh wouldn't have gotten hurt if he'd been a little more careful.

Mahesh didn't force me to do anything.


Are you still feeling sick?


Do you know him personally?

Let's leave it till tomorrow.

I'm not so sure about him.

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Air and heir are homophones of each other.

It was a mistake to refuse her aid.

Betty murdered him.

They think that Kristi must have killed Polly and then killed himself.

It's raining cats and dogs.

I hope it's not her.

I deserve a promotion.

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I know that Phil was at your house today.


Duncan is having a hard time.

Who was the woman in the picture you posted on Facebook?

Give me just a minute, would you?


Pskov is in the south of Russia.

The soldiers lowered their weapons.

Vladislav said that he didn't want to hear any more.

Feed me.

I am not at all pleased with the condition.

In the bus, a boy made room for an old woman.

I forgot my password.


I know Rudy comes on a little strong.

I'm sick and tired of hamburgers.

Have you known her since 1990?

I gave Gigi what he asked for.

The copy agrees with the original.

Antony is pessimistic.

Now it's here.

The two families live under one roof.

His sons do as they please.


It's going really well.

I've never actually been in love.

I saw Jarvis kiss Micah.

There's never enough time to do all you want.

Dan had a criminal record in Mexico.

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Reinhard couldn't find a good place to hide.

This hat is too tall.

Everyone wants to hear what everyone wants to hear.


Sidney dropped out of the competition.

Let's meet again soon.

Marco poured himself another shot of bourbon.

You're in danger.

I'd like to help you, but I can't.

"What did you do?" "I didn't do anything."

What do you think of the present cabinet?

That is why he got angry.

This novel has been published in French as well.

How are you, darling?

Let's take a walk to kill some time.

I've come to help you.

I want you to tell me how to do this.

Thomas will be able to swim soon.

Put the teapot on the burner, otherwise the tea will be cold.

You're right on time.

If you know a lot, you can become anyone.

She did not succeed, but after all that was her first attempt.

Ed weighs as least 70 kilograms.

Leung said that Plastic seemed disappointed.

I don't trust you.

Some of them have committed suicide.

His team is likely to win.

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Is this real turquoise? At this price? Come on!

I searched, but I didn't find it.

When the money runs out, there'll still be one month left.

I'm going to just sit here and read a book.

Emil is deaf.


Almost all the American TV series of the last few years were written by homosexuals.

I am sure.

I think that my phone is probably smarter than me.

Do you really expect me to help you?

He was compelled to resort to violence.

We suffered heavy damage from the typhoon.

Thanks for showing me around last week.

More and more people promised to support him.

Why didn't you just ask me for help?

Hey, Morton! Did you know changing your name is actually possible?

The flowers brightened up the room.

Up to 60% of Imogen of the Internet's nonverbal social cues are snarky hashtags.

Bring the painting closer so that I may see it better.

Diana doesn't know who Hotta's boyfriend is.

Was anybody among your relatives ill with cancer?


It might prove useful.

I've never seen you cook. Can you cook anything at all?

What can we do next?

They marched two abreast.

Blair is speaking.

He may have met with an accident on the way.

How can I get a hold of you?


I couldn't do that to you.

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Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.

Barrett didn't tell anyone that he'd seen Reiner kissing John.

I'm a lonely man.

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Nicholas wanted to keep the party a surprise.


Celia has some very good news.


Give them the gun.