Andries is watching something on TV.

I'm carrying a knife in my pack.

Who will attend the meeting on her behalf?

Was there anyone in the room?


You do that!


What's at risk?

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.

The dog will bark.

It is hardly conceivable to me that he will fail.

I don't want to go to the dance.

You don't have to come to the party.

He is fond of painting.

Could you please get me a taxi?

It's an expression.


The baby speaks Esperanto.


You had better not sit up late up night.


I want this delivered to Murph by the end of the day.

I have a cold sore on my lip.

I'm sure I wasn't followed.


You hurt my feelings.

I'll keep my eyes closed.

I didn't have much water.

She is wearing a long face.

Victory may seem impossible, but actually it is not.

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The difference is this: he works harder than you.

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It turns out that you are unexpectedly eloquent.

I thought she was beautiful at the time.

Denis is an attractive girl.


I agreed to help Farouk.

Did I come at a bad time?

It has no bearing on this problem.

This is counter-intuitive.

Never did I dream of meeting you here.


Have you ever made your wife and children happy?

Please, let me explain.

Just stay close.

He has bad handwriting.

I won't be going with you to Boston.

Children have a snack after school.

He's the tallest amongst the boys.

I may want to stay a while.

Don't come unless I tell you to.

I'm going to give up math.

I'm pretty sure I'll never see Granville again.

I want to go discuss something important with you.

Always keep your office tidy.


What a prick!


The grapes of this vine are very good.

The lesson was driven into my head.

I made myself clear about my feelings for him at the outset.

I helped Alvin paint the fence.

It'd be awesome if there was a Japanese edition.

Stop speaking in riddles.

Why do you use this font?

Samir is adaptable.

Do you want it now?

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An uneasy conscience betrays itself.

He is hiding something from me.

I bought this house as an investment.


Leif is desperate for money.

That's an easy one.

He lived in Europe for fifteen years.

Clayton laid flowers at Len's grave.

What did Duke do with the gun?

She advised us that it would rain all day.

I agreed with his plan.

The world would be so much better off if it were run by people like me.

Irfan never smiles.


Did it hurt?

Can you really see the future?

Your friends are downstairs.

You need to be more careful next time.

The more I listen to her, the less I like her.

Context helps to define what is really meant.

There's a lot of crazies in the library.

Do you want to talk about it?

I wouldn't help you even if I could.

Julius never admits that he's wrong.

Do you anger your parents?

I sold the books.

Fork-users are mainly in Europe, North America, and Latin America; chopstick-users in eastern Asia and finger-users in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, and India.

I stood aside to let them pass.

You don't do it, do you?

Angus pulled out some ID.

May I trouble you to pass me the salt?

I'm ready to die.

Being a science student, one naturally thinks quickly, so the student snapped up and replied.

He had taken care of himself.

I just came from the hospital.


I'm really not good at that kind of thing.

This is the very dictionary I've been looking for.

Who complained?

I would like to know them too.

He was a good worker, say what you will.

What are they doing to celebrate her birthday?

You'll ride with us.

What was the matter this morning?

I asked her to be here.

This is a real diamond, isn't it?

You'd better not go out today.

I want to ask Edward something.

History repeats itself.

How about another piece of pie, Rajendra?

Let's talk it out.


Do you want a soda?

Positron Emission Tomography uses a radioactive tracer to visualize metabolic activity within the human body.

I'm trying to help Mehrdad, but he won't let me.


You get up early, don't you?

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Tor looked sideways at Harv.

Alexis should've listened to Stacy.

It's useless to talk to her. She won't listen to you.

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Let's try and stay calm, OK?


We must stop urban sprawl and fight against physical segregation while still guaranteeing the right to housing.

I knew what they did to her.

What method did you use to give up smoking?

He was entirely free of his worry.

Let's not say anything bad about Christopher.


The number of stars in the sky is infinite.

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I don't think this is a setback.


Dan arrived at the maximum security facility on January 2.


Voters are morons.


Without the error, our team could have won the game.

He aimed at the cornered deer with his gun.

How did you burn your hand?

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What name will be given to the child?


Stuart made a catty joke about Casper's dress being from a thrift shop.

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The problem is in that we don't have enough money.

I ate dinner at a restaurant on Park Street.

How did you learn how to play the violin?

I have a friend who can fly a helicopter.

I don't want to see him get hurt.


The other day I came across a book that you might like.

You're now free to go.

Mongo wants to become an electrician.

I can't eat that much food by myself.

I wish I hadn't believed him.

Janos is much stronger today.

This is particularly important when considering which product is right for you.

I like going to the aquarium.

I hope there will be minimal dead

Travelling to Finland would be so amazing. I've heard it's a beautiful place, full of marvellous people, endless forests and pristine lakes.

I was confused.


I'll stand guard now.

We'll never know, will we?

The dead fish on the beach are starting to smell.

It was a reasonable law.

I'd need a whole eternity to explain everything.

A look of surprise came over Maria's face.

I really like this wine a lot.

What's the most addictive game you've ever played?

The party finished at nine.

Dan didn't even say 'goodbye'.

It's getting better.

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Doug and Wendell are a nice couple.

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Kyle killed his drink.


Why do you study so hard?

She used to live in luxury.

If you harm her in any way, I'll kill you.

He reformulates what the guest says.

Perry is shameless.

Who else is going to be on the show?

Julia heard Metin screaming.

We were unable to rescue Rajarshi.

I'll make sure all of your things get sent to you.


I didn't catch their names.