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(Note: Membership is being built as we speak so once you join you are going to be updated on all these items. Updated Oct 11, 2017)



$4.20per month
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  • On the insiders list
  • Access to members area
  • Live streaming events
  • Digital downloads
  • Discord access
  • Future game rewards
  • First access to demo
  • Digital comic when released
  • Discounts (Tier 1)

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$20per month
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  • All of the Seedling plan plus:
  • Private forum
  • Discounts on products (Tier 2)
  • Hard copy comic when released
  • Courses in members area (coming soon)
  • Access to affiliate program

Prices in USD

Or if you wanna help & contribute a one time payment, that's easy

We will be offering membership levels depending on contribution amounts as well, so we are happy to accept your money any way you want to give it to us. Let's grow the Grow Show!

“GrowShow is a great idea and when it comes to Japan I will be first in line to download and play it!”

Yoshiki Okamoto (billion dollar app game producer)
Founder of Game Republic

Who the hell are we?

We are building THE cannabis entertainment and growth community.

(these pages should be ready in the next few days)

  • The Grow Show Game

    Explore the game itself, the story behind it, and release date information

  • The Grow Show Team

    Find out who the guys behind the guys behind the guys are.

  • Contact Us

    Curious to know more? Connect with us, ask questions, and get involved.

What features will be included?

  • Engaged Community and Private Forum

    Our community is available for anyone to join on Discord but members also get access to an exclusive game world and development forum.

  • Live Streaming Shows and Masterminds (Public & VIP)

    We’re going to go live as often as possible (at least once a week) and we’ll be talking with really cool people in the industry, including some of our advisors which come from large gaming platforms, toy and comic companies, the entertainment industry and more

  • Cool & Private, Members-only Content

    Pretty self explanatory, you pay the cost to be a boss, you get to know and see more then the rest of em

  • Access to Partner Networks and Affiliates

    You get to access all the relationships we’ve been built in the cannabis industry to connect and sell your own swag. Plus, you can become an affiliate and get paid to promote Grow Show.

  • In-Game Rewards and Product Discounts

    We think real gamers should be rewarded with real rewards. Stay tuned for our shop launch.

  • First Access to Game Content and Comics

    if you’re an insider you get to see, hear and know before the rest whats coming down the pipe, contributors will get the digital and hard copy comic books at time of printing

Also including updates, access, and so much more as we continue to GROW our community and partner networks...

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Get on the Insiders List

We value your privacy and "probably" would never spam you

Some of our partners and affiliates. Are you next?

Here are some of the cool people we get to share ideas and success with. And that YOU can access as a member...

Okay fine... Here are the FAQs

Who reads FAQs? Well, you should because you'll like them...

When will the game be launched? We have been building this thing for the past five years and we are so very close to completing it. We decided to bring on members to help us get it launched and we plan to release in 2018. Help us by spreading the word. become a member, become an affiliate. Tell your friends. The game will be siiiick!


Why not kickstarter?

We thought about it, but we wanted to add more value to members up front rather than begging for money. Plus that space is totally crowded. We want our own platform where we can do cool shit.

Why should I join?

It's simple. We are looking to find others who want to be a part of something big. And as we grow this thing, we want to pass on as much value to our members as possible. So the earlier you join, the better it will be for you. Plus, if you believe in what we believe and want to see this game get launched, get your damn credit card out and jump in, man! (or woman)

Why you guys?

Our entire team has been part of this industry way before it was legal and a business. We are weed culture and want to celebrate it with people just like us. We have built the platform, game, and community with people like us in mind. Not some weird, corporate-type business push. Gamers like us.


Are you cannabis activists or promoting health?

No. We are strictly here to build an entertainment platform and community. We will leave all that other serious stuff to others. We do have some cool community members and partners where that's their jam so reach out to them in the forum.

Can I invest or get involved at a higher level?

You're damn right you can. On the game page, you can donate at any level or you can contact us directly and we will work out a deal. The catch? You have to be cool.

Not sure what you should do? Simple...

Subscribe to our insiders list (basically a newsletter, okay) and we will send you updates on the progress of the game, cool offers we discover, and ways to work with us and get involved. Really, you become part of our community as it grows. And you can leave anytime you wish.

That sounds fair...

Get on the Insiders List

We value your privacy and "probably" would never spam you

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