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About JES

Janua Educational Services, LLC is a service company that provides the most adaptive education for both teachers and students using artificial intelligence-based IT technology by overcoming limitations of the current educational environment.

About JES


SOLJAM is a name of educational service by JES.

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Adaptive Mastery Learning

SOLJAM AI lead users to Adaptive Mastery Learning.

Our features

Benefits of SOLJAM partnership

SOLJAM provides the best services for our partners.

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AI Education Platform Rental Service

Software development cost is not required, Maintenance cost is also not required.
We provide the most cutting edge education platform in the world with reasonable and customized platform rental service.

Highly Advanced Monitoring for Students

Managers, teachers, and/or parents can monitor all real-time progress and analyzed results of learning at one glance including Growth Areas.

Various Business Models available

Our partners can realize various kinds of their own ideal business models such as Franchise business, Nonstore retailing business, Content creator, etc.


Gate of The Future Education

Cloud-based AI Platform

Our Cloud-based AI Platform provides both high performance and service stability.

The Most Advanced Adaptive Learning

Our learning engines include memory and analysis engines which utilize Meta-cognition, Period of forgetting, Pure Learning time measurement, Growth area detection, etc.

The most efficent learning

Our technology enables students to reach 100% mastery by ultimately personalized reviews provided at the most efficient time intervals.

Various e-learning courses

We provide various kind of e-learning services in accord with content features and purposes.

Effective & Automatic Learning Management

Manager, teacher, and/or parents can see the whole learning records which are managed by AI. These records includes high level of analysis which humans cannot detect.

Easy & safe Rental Service

Our partners can use the cutting edge AI education Platform easily via rental service. This rental service provides both service stability and cost savings without development and maintenance fees.


What users say

Jeong * *

Chief Director, Learning Center

I have been using various online education programs for more than 15 years while operating learning centers. I have looked at various companies. In other online systems except SOLJAM, they are too heavy and curriculum is fixed. But in SOLJAM, I can freely edit and input content and provide customized education. I could expand my business without risks by SOLJAM.

Kim * *

Princal, Language Learning Center

I think that the best advantage of Solmam is 'review management'. It is the best advantage that can not be found elsewhere. Parents also love it since students who have successfully completed the Soljam task have shown significant improvement. We now have clear data to present to parents about student's academic result and school life.

Kim * *


I have not been able to figure out whether the student understood learning materials in his head or not. Soljam shows the learning progress of each student as transparent as if I am inside the student's brain. I am surprised that this kind of meticulous monitoring is possible.

Yun * *


I was wondering what to do with artificial intelligence before using Soljam. However, I was amazed when I found out that the number of repetitions is different for each student and review is customized perfectly. I am pleased to see that my students improved. I am very satisfied to have A.I. as my assistant teacher.

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“SOLJAM AI doesn't replace human,
SOLJAM AI finds the Growth Area of human to increase human ability.”

Case Study

Our Platform Customers


  • *Departments with high demands for educating knowledge, terminology, and theorical education
  • *All members can reach a level required by a department
  • *Accurate analysis of each member's progress and mastery


  • *Educational support for majors or general language abilities
  • *Education customized to individual student without restriction of time and place
  • *Accurate analysis of participation and achievement in educational support

Learning Center

  • *Precise and thorough management of assignment and review
  • *Analysis and correction of learning habits and attitudes
  • *Free development of desired training models and franchises

Case Study

Why is SOLJAM beneficial for students?

Learning must be integrated and organic.

Learning has to be linked in an integrated and organic way with different areas and functions. If students learn in a split and separate way, learning results are not effective compared to the amount of learning.
For example, in a case of foreign language, students must learn listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and sentences in an integrated and organic way. Looking at paper materials only with eyes cannot be a healthy learning.
In Soljam, biologically organic learning is possible.

Scientific and strategic review is important.

If you do not review, you will begin to forget about 10 minutes after the lesson, so you will forget about 70% after 1 day and over 80% after 1 month. When you study with a book, you will not review it because of the lack of willpower and hassle.
In Soljam, we identify individual weaknesses and provide reviews automatically for individualized forgetting cycle of each person until mastered.

It is impossible to learn roughly.

Books, printed materials or other online lectures can be roughly studied. But rough study is impossible in Soljam since Soljam checks in real time and provides customized and repeatitive practices until individual student masters.
In addition, Soljam distinguishes pure learning time from access time and notifies if there is a remarkable gap between the pure learning time and the access time.

The amount of learning increases.

The amount of learning greatly increases because you can study anywhere and any time. Sophisticated monitoring also increases the amount of learning.
For example, students often perform assignments superficially because they do not know exactly when and how much they have studied. But Soljam develops correct learning habits as well as increases the amount of study by monitoring, analyzing, and suggesting specific data.

The task execution rate increases.

Even students who are not accustomed to study are able to carry out learning assignments on time because it is easy to follow screens with fun.
Especially, middle and low-level students have much higher performance rate compared to the conventional methods.

Study is efficient.

According to our users, all common comments from them are Soljam is efficent to study. Although students have a big burden on study, Soljam enable them to memorize and master within a short period of time.

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