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In Oregon, There's a Lot We May Never Figure out.Then There's Keno.

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Exhibit D

Jeff and Sam have uncovered new evidence pointing to even HIGHER 8-Spot jackpot bonuses.

Profile ImageOldGuy14 It's called KeNO, not KeYES. You'll never figure it out, Jeff.
2 hours ago

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Exhibit C

Jeff discovers Keno To Go. And cats dressed like people

Profile Image6Spotter Keno? You must mean my old neighbor, Ken O.
12 hours ago


Exhibit B

Conspiracy theories are more fun with a friend. Jeff recruits Sam and the investigative team doubles in size.

Profile ImageOldGuy14 You seem like nice young men. You should find a job
1 Minute ago

UFOs might be here
Meet Sam, Filmmaker  Extraordinaire

Exhibit A

Some call Jeff a grown man living with his mom, others call him a teller of truth. You decide. Meet the man behind Keno Confidential.

Profile ImageKenoChamp You wouldn’t like it. Keno is just something we do between whittling and napping in a chair.
1 hour ago

Sighting 5/27/11

The Lion’s Den

Jeff's quest for the truth about Keno continues as he bravely enters the Lion's Den.

Virtuoso Time

Jeff and Sam make beautiful music together, and the Keno theme song is born.

Burger destruction… Despicable!

They are doing all they can to keep Jeff off the trail.

Playing Secrets

How to Play Keno

There are 37 ways to win, every 4 minutes. And if that’s not reason enough to learn how to play Keno, then please, do it for Jeff.

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They Won!

Notice the smile? That’s a happy winner. And with 37 ways every 4 minutes to become a happy winner, no wonder they want to keep Keno to themselves.

Keno Winner
  • Nichelle Milner

    Nichelle Milner couldn't believe she won $15,000 playing Keno. In fact, she was in complete disbelief until she arrived at the Lottery office and received her check. "I just kept thinking, I really can't believe it!" Nichelle said. After discovering she'd won, Nichelle immediately woke her best friend up and shared the news. The two of them traveled to the Lottery office together. When they arrived, they were so happy that onlookers and Lottery personnel couldn't help but share in their excitement.

    This was Nichelle's very first win playing Keno. She plans to use her winnings to travel to Hawaii with her family for the first time this spring, and buy a new computer for her son to use for school. Congrats and Aloha, Nichelle!

  • Christopher Thomas

    Christopher Thomas had a very lucky few months, as he won Keno not once, not twice, but three times! Christopher is a true believer of good things happening in 3's, and for good reason. He also said he won on the 3rd round of Keno, each time! "It's all about being at the right place at the right time," he said.

    Christopher is extremely excited about his 3 lucky days, and plans to travel someday soon. He hopes to hike through Alaska, try lobster in Maine, and visit New Orleans, Key West, Australia and England. Happy travels, Christopher! We can't wait to hear about your 4th lucky day!

  • $34,733.10 Birthday Surprise

    On the eve of her birthday, Brittany Carter of West Linn checked to see if the Keno ticket in her purse was a winner. After scanning the ticket at a "Did you Win?" terminal and realizing she had won $34,733.10 it was a wild Hugapalooza at the supermarket. "I was in shock, I had tears in my eyes, I danced around, screamed at my husband and hugged three strangers!"

    Brittany, who also won $2500 playing Video Lottery last year, will pay off some bills, go on a shopping spree and hand over 40% to her husband so he can get a little something for himself. Speaking of family, Brittany's mother-in-law also took home a Keno prize over $30,000 last year.

  • John Duquette / $61,322 Keno prize

    John marked the Quick Pick option on the play slip for his eight-spot Special Keno ticket, and decided to sit back and relax. John's prize consisted of $25,000 for matching all eight numbers, and the $36,322.80 bonus, for a $61,322 Keno prize.

    John's prize in one of 15 Keno prizes already won in 2013, for $50,000 or more. Overall, Oregon Lottery Keno players have won more than $1.49 billion in prizes since the first game was played in September 1991.

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